freeg​lass GmbH & Co. KG, a Saint-Gobain Sekurit company

Technologies and Innovation

How we do it


To develop the three dimensional plastic parts, freeglass uses the most updated technologies in its own factory in Germany from the product design to the tool concept. Key technologies are injection molding, coating, and encapsulation.

All glazing developped and commercialized by freeglass are submitted to and giving satisfaction to the national or continental regulations for transportation glazing (ECE R43, NHTSA,…). They are passing severe tests to verify their proper adaptation to the automotive usage:

  • Product and processes quality analyzes
  • Optical controls
  • Durability and ageing tests
  • Mechanical tests
  • Technical physico-chemical laboratory tests

Injection molding

Polymer granulates are melted down and injected into high mirror polished tools that design the part.

Injection molding process enables integration of multiple components into a combined plastic glazing module.

Coating Application

To ensure the resistance and durability of our parts, they are coated on both surfaces, inner and outer sides.

This application contributes to the glossy aspect of the part used as an exterior component submitted to real aggressive automotive field situations.


Encapsulation is involved in the finishing of the plastic part with a technical adhesive elastomer. This process targets to enhance customer style demands, aspect sealing objectives and allows a proper integration of the glazing to the body frame structure.